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Welcome to Calaveras Neighbors and Newcomers!

Meet people, make new friends, and learn more about the community.

President’s Message

In early 2009, a group of ladies new to Calaveras County ventured forth to bring together other area newcomers with the purpose of meeting their neighbors and becoming acquainted with the activities and resources of Calaveras County. This endeavor became a reality when on March 26th, 2009, the Calaveras Neighbors and Newcomers Club met for the first luncheon meeting with 38 charter members present. We now have a membership of 76 ladies. We continue to grow.

The Club is a social organization and membership is open to all local and newcomer women residing in Calaveras County and the surrounding areas regardless of how long she has resided in the County.

Monthly luncheon meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at local restaurants, wineries, or golf clubs. Luncheon programs consist of guest speakers covering various topics, some of which include speakers from our local wine industry, local social and emergency services, local authors, art, gardening, and speakers who provide us information on the history of Calaveras County. One of the highlights of 2012 was a speaker who belongs to an organization that assists our senior women in understanding Medicare.

In addition to the monthly luncheon, many ladies become involved in one or more of our special interests groups, another way to foster friendships. Members receive a monthly newsletter with important information on group activities, monthly luncheons, and upcoming events. No member is required to participate in these special interest groups.

Come join in on the fun. Check out our link for information regarding how you too can become a member.

“Strangers are just Friends Waiting to Happen”

Mexican Train Attendees

Pictured above are some of our members enjoying the outdoors while attending Mexican Train.


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