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Gals on the Go

Bev Rushing - email


Gals on the Go take an annual bus trip to San Francisco for the day.  You can shop, eat, sightsee or do whatever your heart fancies.  We have had women go to Teahouses, on SF Bay boat rides and even visit the de Young Fine Arts Museum.  The choice is yours and it is truly a fun day.  On the way home refreshments are served.
Time For Tea
Sharon Quintana - email

Time for Tea is a gathering of tea lovers.  We meet monthly, usually in a member’s home and enjoy a few hours of leisurely conversation with a cup, or two or three, of tea.  We occasionally go on field trips to a tea house for our gathering but enjoy each other’s homes more.  We share in bringing tea items and trying new recipes that we are collecting for a cookbook.  We have learned to set a proper tea table and a casual one.  We have had high tea complete with hats, iced tea in the summer heat, a progressive tea, and even danced the May pole dance.   Most of us look on our tea gatherings as an oasis in the midst of our very busy lives. 

“ When you sit down to a beautifully set table, sip a good brew from thin-lipped teacups, and enjoy delicious sandwiches and pastries, it is like taking a mini-vacation from ‘real life’.”   Susan Rios

Judy Bruenn - email

If you are a golfer new to the area and are interested in joining a 9 or 18 hole ladies golf group at LaContenta, please call our chairperson above. She is a CNN member who can give you information/contacts on these groups.

Mexican Train
Marlene Buecher - email

The Mexican Train group meets the first Wednesday of each month. If you would like to join us please call or email Marlene, listed above.

What's cookin
What's Cookin
What's Cooking
Susan Baas - email

The What’s Cooking group gathers the 2nd Monday of each month.  The ladies in the group are all lovers of good food and enjoy learning and creating great dishes. We travel to local farms in order to learn about growing and harvesting.  We often have guest cooks teaching us unique techniques. Two times a year we meet with our husbands for a themed meal. All of our members do not cook, but all love the celebration of fine foods.

MaryAnn Evans - email
An easy card game to play. Meets every 3rd Monday of the month. Hostess provides snacks and dessert. So bring your own lunch  We generally play until about 2:30.  We have lots of fun, so please join us  For additional information you may contact MaryAnn Evans.
Reader's Corner
MaryAnn Evans - email
Many of our member enjoy reading so we have established a "Readers Corner". This is dedicated to those of us who want to share what we have read, we add our amateur review. In addition to the title and author, where is the book available, most importantly we like to promote our local libraries, when possible encourage our member to utilize their services. Comments are in our monthly newsletter.
Book Club Linda Trapp - email 772-0502
The CNN Book Club held an organizational meeting Oct.23 at Linda Trapp's home. If you are a reader please join us- all CNN members are welcome. We will rotate hosting and the host will pick the next book from her own reading, or from suggestions members bring. Light refreshments are all that's expected of each host. We'll put meeting reminders in the newsletter. So far, seven members have expressed interest- there's room for a few more!
Recipe's Corner - Share your favorite recipes!
MaryAnn Evans - email
With various events and groups we enjoy wonderful food and someone is always asking for recipes. So we have developed this column in our Newsletter where our members may submit recipes to share. Bon Appetit......

Elaine Alves - email
Sandy Huckaby - email


Pinochle meets twice a month. Group 1 meets on the 2nd Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, currently one table. Elaine Alves is Chairperson over this group.
Her contact information is in the Membership booklet.

Group 2 meets on the 4th Monday of each month from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We have two tables at this group session. Sandy Huckaby is Chairperson over this group. her information is in the Membership booklet.

Elaine and Sandy will be happy to teach you how to play Pinochle. It is a fun game. Come join us.

Social Judy Bruenn - email 772-3555
Monthly Socials are held on the 3rd Friday every month and members may bring a guest. Our socials are a nice opportunity to gather socially, enjoy an evening with members and spouses, singles and others, and to get acquainted with new members. Glasses, plates, ice, and napkins are provided by the volunteer hosts. Everyone brings an appetizer and wine, or whatever they prefer to drink including soda and water.


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